Term 1 Basic 5 English Language Questions & Answers

Term 1 Basic 5 English Language Questions & Answers

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Section A

Choose the correct answer to make the sentences complete from the alternative A-D

  1. A flock of……………. was grazing on the field
  2. Sheep wolves         c. cattle                        d. dogs
  3. A choir of…………….. will sing at church
  4. People singers         c. rappers         d. dancers
  5. A …………….. of wolves attacked the buffaloes
  6. Wolves staff             c. pack             d. flies
  7. Alhaji Musa has a………… of cattle
  8. Sheep pack             c. fleet             d. herd
  9. The policemen chased the………… of thieves
  10. gang team                        c. ships                        d. pack

Choose the correct abstract noun(s) in the following sentences from the alternative A-D

  1. Men of courage are needed for the task.
  2. Needed men             c. courage        d. task
  3. Every person must be of good morals.
  4. Person good                        c. morals          d. must
  5. Fear is the weapon of the devil.
  6. Weapon fear              c. devil                        d. man
  7. You can see the joy in his eyes.
  8. Eyes see               c. joy               d. you
  9. Chastity prevents teenage pregnancy.
  10. Teenage pregnancy    c. chastity        d. prevents


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Read the passage below carefully and answer the questions that follow.


Lion was the king of all the animals. The animals were living in the forest and savannah. Most of them ate leaves and grass. Few of them like hyena and leopard ate flesh of animals. Lion said all the leaves and grasses were for him. He made himself the king of all the animals. He was free to do anything he wanted. He killed some animals for his food. Any animal which saw lion was to bow and say, “My Lord and King, God bless you.” Any animal which did not bow or praise him was in serious trouble.

Many animals ran away and settled elsewhere. Lion continued to treat the animals badly.


Term 1 Basic 5 English Language Questions & Answers for Basic 5


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