BECE BDT Mock 2 (Free Online Mock)


Welcome to the BECE BDT Mock 2. This is an online mock paper which is a free mock test by to help candidates and students, in general, to practice online.

Basic Design and Technology is one of the elective subjects at the BECE level with Home Economics and Pre Technical Skills as the options available to students.


BECE BDT Online Mock

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This mock contains 30 objective test questions. The Candidate is required to read each question carefully and then select the correct answer. After answering all the questions the candidate would be required to submit the online mock paper for instance grading.

BECE BDT Online Mock

BECE BDT Mock 2 (Free Online Mock)

This is a BDT Mock for BECE or JHS3 students.
Answer All Questions
Each question is followed by four options lettered A to D. Find out the correct option for each question and shade in pencil on your answer sheet the answer space which bears the same letter as the option you have chosen. Give only one answer to each question.

1. The advantage of buying food in bulk is that it


2. A balanced meal must contain


3. Drawing and painting are grouped under ….


4. Identify the drawing tool from the following items.


5. A sole proprietor


6. The following are household furniture except.


7. The shape of a developed open-ended cylinder is a…


8. The plug is fused in order to …


9. The traditional form of food preservation in Ghana is …


10. A birthday cake is usually packed in a brown cardboard box


11. The basic stitch which starts all crocheted articles is …


12. A glass is best used to serve …


13. Which of the following is inexpensive to use in a rural area?


14. The visitor book signed at exhibitions help the exhibitor to know …


15. In drawing, objects nearer the viewer are in the …


16. Which of the following is NOT a method of temporary termination of a wall?


17. The head of a brick hammer is made of


18. Which of the following tools is used for checking the alignment of a wall?


19. Mould boxes are oiled before use to …


20. The tool used for marking-out the final circular shape below is …


21. Glass paper is used on wood to …


22. Which of the following is the correct order of applying a finish to a bonded block wall?
I. Plastering
II. Painting
III. Scraping.


23. Turpentine is mixed with


24. Sand Crete bricks are made from …


25. The funnel is an example of the surface development of a


26. In mixing mortar, the ratio 1:5 represents


27. Making a round hole in a piece of metal is termed


28. Use the sketch in Figure 4 to answer questions 28 and 29

The sketch shows the process of



The tool labeled K is called


30. Sprinkling water on sand create blocks after moulding helps to


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