2010 BECE English Language Past Questions and Answers

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2010 BECE English Language Past Questions and Answers

READ THIS BEFORE YOU PROCEED: At the end of every 10 or so questions, you have to select from Pages 1, 2 , 3 or 4 to see the next set of questions or the answers.



45 minutes



From the alternatives lettered A to D, choose the one which most suitably completes each sentence

1. Our teacher was late for school because he ……..a flat tyre.
A. had
B. will have C. is having D. has

2. We had dinner at a Chinese restaurant where I ………….fried chicken.
A. am enjoying
B. will enjoy
C. enjoyed
D. would enjoy

3. Ama‟s father asked her to choose …………John and William.
A. among
B. from
C. with
D. between

4. Willie has malaria and is not ………..enough to go to school.
A. good B. well C. fine D. free

5. The school band …………two days a week.

A. practise
B. are practicing
C. practices
D. were practising

6. Philomena ………passed the examination if she had tried harder.
A. could have B. will have C. may have D. could

7. The law was passed according to strict legal ………….
A. cases
B. principles
C. rules
D. issues

8. The book, as well as several others, ………..interesting reading.
A. makes
B. are to make C. are making D. make

9. …………Joe scored the first goal, he was injured in the process.
A. But
B. Nevertheless
C. Although
D. Furthermore

10. Neither Kojo nor his friend ……… the issue clearly.
A. understands
B. have understood
C. understand
D. is understanding

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